Best Free Agent Options for the Dodgers

Yu Darvish


Dodgers fans are already very familiar with the top pitcher on the free agent market. As of right now there hasn’t been much news surrounding Darvish, but it has been reported that the Twins will pursue him. The Dodgers will certainly be involved in the bidding process for the right hander but the question is whether they are willing to go over $100 million to bring him back to Los Angeles.


Mike Minor


The 29-year-old isn’t the flashiest name on the market but in the end he may be one of the biggest signings for the Dodgers. It has become clear over the last few seasons that to go deep into a postseason you must have a strong bullpen. Mike Minor would certainly strengthen the bullpen after posting a 2.55 ERA in 77.2 innings pitched last season. Minor also has experience as a starter in his career and could fill in whenever a starter goes down or needs a day off.


JD Martinez


JD Martinez is easily to biggest name on the free agent market. The only problem is that Scott Boras knows that too and bringing Martinez to Los Angeles will not be cheap.

Martinez had a ridiculous second half after joining the Diamondbacks last season, hitting 29 home runs in 62 games, a performance that is likely will not be replicated. However, it is not out of the question that Martinez can be a regular 30+ home run and 90-100 RBI hitter with the right supporting staff and the Dodgers certainly have that.


Brandon Morrow

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 7.59.41 PM

Dodgers fans don’t need an introduction to Brandon Morrow. After pitching in all 7 games in the World Series and getting the Dodgers through crucial situations all postseason long, it is clear that he will help the team get back to the World Series next season.  The only question now is how much it will cost to bring him back.


Carlos Gonzalez


When healthy, Carlos Gonzalez is one of the best hitters in the game. After a disappointing 2017 season, Gonzalez will likely agree to a 1-year deal to reestablish himself for free agency again next season. Why not take a chance on a guy with all the motivation to rebound and the talent to truly push the Dodgers over the edge if it works out?


Jake Arrieta


If the Dodgers lose out on Yu Darvish, they could turn to the next best thing in Jake Arrieta to replace him. Some might even say that Arrieta is the better pitcher of the two. In fact, if you ask most Dodgers fans right now they would likely tell you that they prefer Arrieta. He has established himself as a “big game” pitcher and Darvish left a very bad taste in the mouths of Dodgers fans after making only 10 outs in 2 World Series starts combined.


One comment

  1. I can see the possibilities your present here — some very possible. As much as I like Yu, I wonder if he would take a $15M discount to stay in LA — since he liked it here so much! I like Arrieta much better though in this role! I also think the person who we must get BACK is Morrow. He established himself, and I would hate to see him as a closer in the NL West or with the Cubs.
    Hitting wise, I might take that chance on Gonzo, if Stanton’s trade price is too steep!


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