Let’s Make A Trade: Josh Harrison

Welcome to Let’s Make A Trade #1. This will be an ongoing thing that I am going to toss out on Dodgers Chatter every now and then. Chris Wolf may get involved as well. These are going to be articles on what we think would be a good trade for the Dodgers to make. Obviously, we will be wrong about 99 percent of the time, but hey, we might as well get creative and have some fun. So here we go!

The Dodgers have a lot of needs as everyone knows. Instead of being angry about what the front office is or is not doing, why not see if we can dive into their minds and see what they need. My first thought is let’s just skip right past the third base and closer situation because nobody wants to hear alternatives to Turner and Kenley anymore.

So, BOOM! Second base pops right in my head. The Dodgers need one. I do not know about you, but I would rather not have to go into the 2017 season with Kiké Hernandez and Chris Taylor splitting time at second.

Sure, the Dodgers could sign Chase Utley, but who really wants to see another year of him turning double plays in what looks to be, slow motion. Not me, that’s who.

20140808mfbucssports04-jpg.jpgSo it has to be a trade right? You have heard the names Ian Kinsler and Brian Dozier. I am here to think just a little bit outside the box. So I thought why not J
osh Harrison. It makes sense for the Dodgers. First off, he is good. He is very versatile, which everyone in the Los Angeles organization loves. Not to mention, he is making enough money to where the Pirates would not mind dumping it off, and the Dodgers would not mind taking it on.

He is owed $7.5MM in 2017, 10MM in 2018, 10.5MM in 2019, and 11.5MM in 2020. With 2019 and 2020 both being club options, it adds even more value to him.

Now let’s get to the stats stats. Here is his career:

.284 AVG .316 OBP .410 SLG .726 OPS

Pretty good, right?

Harrison could be the answer to a lot of things for the Dodgers. A leadoff man, a second baseman, and a very good right-handed bat.

Another important thing to look at is that if the Dodgers do trade for Harrison, he is under contract for 2-4 years, so that makes top prospect Willie Calhoun expendable. An offer headlined by Calhoun could be something that Pittsburgh would have to at least think about.

So there is Let’s Make A Trade #1. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or comments, shoot them my way so that I can make these better every time I put one out.


Trevor Vernola


One thought on “Let’s Make A Trade: Josh Harrison

  1. Great read man. I think that’ll be a definite guy to something going. How about a Cutch/Harrison package?

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