Dodgers are Obviously Going to Sign Tyson Ross

The Padres announced today that they non-tendered five players, including right-hander Tyson Ross. When I read this my first thought was,”Welcome to Los Angeles.” It’s not that I think Tyson Ross is the best pitcher on the market (although he might actually be this year), it’s that Ross is exactly the type of pitcher that the Dodgers love to take a risk on. Tyson Ross is the 2017 version of Brandon McCarthy, Brett Anderson, or Scott Kazmir. What do they all have in common? They are all super injury prone.

The only difference between Ross and those three pitchers is that all three of them actually had solid years before signing with the Dodgers. McCarthy pitched exactly 200 innings, with a 4.05 ERA, and tallied 10 wins in 2014,Anderson only tallied 43.1 innings but he finished with a 2.91 ERA while pitching in Colorado that same year, and Kazmir finished with a 3.10 ERA in 183 innings pitched.

A better comparison with Ross would probably be Brandon Beachy. The Dodgersre-signed Brandon Beachy last season to a $1.5mm contract after pitching only 8 innings in 2015. Before that he basically hadn’t pitched since 2013 with the Braves. Even that year he only threw in 30 innings though and clearly has struggled with his health. Ross would likely demand a similar contract and also hasn’t really pitched in over a

Both pitchers have also had success in the past. Beachy went 7-3 in 2011 with a 3.68 ERA in 141.2 innings pitched. Ross went 13-14 in 2014 with a 2.81 ERA in 195 innings pitched. The big difference here is that Ross’ success lasted much longer than Beachy who really only had one good year. In fact, if he hadn’t been injured he would likely be a muchbigger name on the free agent market right now.

Beachy obviously didn’t work out last season, only pitching 8 innings and finishing with an ERA near 8.00.  That doesn’t mean that the Dodgers should pass on Ross though. He could be the wild card the Dodgers need to compete in 2017. Just don’t be surprised when the Dodgers lead baseball in number of days on the disabled list for another season if they sign these type of players again.


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